About Us

What is Lace Up For A Cause?

Helping people has always been a passion of mine. I've seen what giving can do, I've seen the lives it can change, and I've seen the impact on the world that it has made. Giving is simply what Lace Up For A Cause is all about.

At Lace Up For A Cause we will sell shoe laces, and other merchandise to raise money to help support many organizations and foundations all around the globe. Proceeds will go to various Cancer Charities, World Hunger and Poverty Charities. We are also teaming up with many local fundraisers raising awarness and money for their causes.

Our mission is to get enough laces to metaphorically go around the world time and time again, tying knots together stopping these life threatening problems and diseases. With all of this it is only possible through God. We look to him above all to help us keep our hope, faith, courage and fight through all the blocks life throws our way.

So please “Lace Up and Join Us in Becoming One Step Closer to Changing the world.”

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